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Suits for the larger male- what style is best?

13/04/2012 10:56:00

Here’s the trouble with most “big and tall” clothing:  there’s rarely much attention to the “and.” 

At Big & Tall Suits we cater for ALL sizes. Be that tall and thin or tall and broad.

Suits of all styles will always a flattering option for a larger man.  The modern suit jacket is designed to have a levelling effect; it turns every man’s silhouette into a more squared off aesthetic shape, broad in the shoulders and slightly tapered at the waist.  There are obviously a lot of variations on this theme, but the point is that the style flatters the larger man.

A tall, broadly-built man looks best in a single-breasted suit with buttons low down to create a deep “V” shape in the front.  The jacket should be loose enough that the button isn’t straining, and long enough in the back to drape over the curve of your back.  Double-vented jackets (jackets with two slits in the bottom rear) give the best drape in the back and add extra flexibility to the sides and front of the jacket.

At Big & Tall Suits we offer jackets that have larger details giving a more proportional appearance than the regular off-the-shelf options.   

Larger suits are all about style and proportion and at Big & Tall we cater for everyone.